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Acid Black Construction Paper

Avoid "sticky" page plastic photo albums earlier than 2002.
While its plastic is coated, it's the glue that makes damage.
Glue on "sticky pages" are hazardous to health and to photos.
Earlier glues contained formaldahyde, fading color in photos.  
Most harmful over the past 10 years, these are restored often.
Our red-flag recommends albums be replaced immediately.  
Photos which have not faded yet will continue their damage.  

Album plastics passed the PAT rules but with a caveat.  
Plastics coated in chemicals are
not a safe photo place.
Coated wood and plastic give off unhealthy toxic gases.
Restore your photographs. Replace your photo albums.

Pictures on Outside Walls Collect Moisture
Hanging photos is nice but not on outside walls where moisture
and contracts through the metal window sash and window glass.
Windows can act like an atrium as moisture makes photos sticky.  
Moisture causes photo to stick onto the frame glass like a magnet.
Stuck photos on glass do NOT come off the glass.  It's like a glue.  

Don't hang pictures
near windows, skylights or tinted windows.
This is almost the same advice as above, moisture is moving.
For pictures hung in a kitchen, remove the glass from the frame.
Watercolor paintings or oil paintings generally don't have glass.
Moisture is harmful to paintings more so than glass in front of it.
Oil properties in paintings can deteriorate with your finger touch.

Humidity and Moisture in the Home
Keep photos from humid, unheated, uninsulated attics, basements.
Heated basements will still have moisture if rooms are uninsulated.
Check your outside walls for humidity or moisture with a gauge.

Picture Frames
The only glue that should be used is on the moisture barrier backing.
Professional framers have this paper to paste on the back of a frame.
Glues that picture framers use, are not harmful to your photographs.

Wrapping Photo Inside Newspaper?
Avoid unbuffered acid bearing newspaper.

Avoid Smoke of Any Kind
Smoke can destroy photos fast, even if a photo is behind frame glass.
Rooms with low air movement, residuous smoke will yellow a photo.
Smoke damages as its yellow is will be permanent. in color photos.
We can turn those to black & white for another kind of photo keepsake.
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Buffered paper is acid-free.  Picture frames with a paper-backing as its
moisture-barrier is good.   If a frame doesn't have one, have your framer
put-on a moisture barrier paper backing.  Solid plastic backs are better.

Do not store framed photos or photo albums in a basement or attic.
This is where most moisture will collect.   Moisture will ruin photos.  

Materials that Destroy Photographs
Newspaper, butcher paper, unbuffered, acidic paper fade your photos to black.
Do not use newspaper for photo storage. Tissue paper, wrapping photos is ok.  
Art stores and paper suppliers have non-acidic materials for archiving photos.  

Keep photos away from skylights, outside walls, windows, loose windows, no heat.  
Outside moisture is your worse enemy.  Also, a toy box may have leaded materials.  
Attics and basements are not good photo storage.  Again, water is your danger.  

Sticky-Albums and Construction Paper Albums
Conservators say, the worst type of photo album are the so-called self-stick album.
They quickly fade or age a photograph.  Faded photos develop and grow age spots.
Cardboard pages grip photos on a sticky coating covered by plastic that peels back.
It gives off peroxides that cause yellow staining in the white areas of all photo prints.
Only certain kinds of plastic is regarded as safe  - not the type in this album's plastic.  
Its adhesive gives off toxic gas.  Its photos will be hard to be removed without
tearing.  We can restore torn out photos or we can copy the photos through its clear

Black construction paper 'scrapbook albums' do give off toxic, oxidant acidic gases.
Acid used in making this paper shows a disintegrating effect on its pages over time.
When handling the pages, some paper-bindings crumble to dust, won't keep holes.
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