Restoration Pricing - Explains How and Why
Our pricing overview shows how we lowered pricing.   
Expect full pricing estimate on all your photo works.  
We need to see the photos for an exact written price.
This page will tell you why we give discount pricing.   
our pricing page for what and how we did this.   
First Camera for Children to Learn (under 18)
Kids toss a camera into the air "whirly" slams on pavement.
Lower priced point n' shoot cameras are best for children.  
Learn image framing, developing, timing, framing, artistry.  
Young photographers will learn all about camera lenses.
A serious photographer will buy more cameras later.

First Camera for Beginning Adults (over 18)
Canon has an easy computer, taking pictures is a snap.
    Its screen has lighting, types, all can be dialed up.
    Canon T6i is a notch above beginner and teaches;

    Best Camera for the Pro or Technical Artist
    Nikon  for pro's, technical screens, aperture, shutter,
    must know lens distance, white balance, lighting;
    The screen on Nikon are math technical gauges;
Canon 4TI model is an excellent first-time adult cam.
It's on-board software, display and settings is easy to
understand light adjustments in different image mode.
Since cameras are all about lighting,
learn all about it.
Learn lens-symbols, aperture, shutter speed and film.

Fugifilm has instant picture cams for kids or beginners.
Olympus, inexpensive, has a 200mm internal telephoto.
Leica, expensive, has a 400mm internal telephoto lens.
Canon is an easy-computer, digital cam to start out on.  
Nikon is for professionals who know cams thoroughly.
Nikon has a more sophisticated interface on it.
If technical, Nikon is a Recommended Camera.
Reasons to Restore Your Photos
  • Fix damage from heat, light, photo process-chemical.  
  • Chemicals from 'sticky-photo-albums' will ruin photos.
  • Shoe boxes, school pictures, snap shots will rot away.  
  • Brownie photos, 1800 photos, have faded or rotted now.
  • Your family memories may only exist in old photographs.
Our 60 inch Design-Jet printer can print to 60 inches.
Enlarge wallet sized school pictures, 10 inch portraits
Family portraits can be as large as a poster size photo.   
Business License
PixSavers is licensed at Washington State Dept of Licensing,
Universal Business ID (UBI) license number 602-472-335.
When we preview your photos we can show you our license.
Also, our Website has a
link to Washington State licensing.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, rated A+
and we are a member of the ARA and was written about in
Seattle Magazine, as the only restorer, granted an interview.
PixSavers began because Seattle needed a better restorer.
Owner's Brief Background
Steve Lehman's history is almost all photo and art.  
After working for a major newspaper in photography,
Steve was a general contractor in business 12 years.  
Then, he was VP in advertising, did his own graphics.
After that he earned his MCSE in technology at the U.W.
At Microsoft he was a test engineer for photo software.  
206-337-2020 Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
FREE Pickup&Delivery-Pricing  
We give you a written and signed, estimate at 40% off.
Our 'walk-up' was eliminated to produce this discount.
We preview each photo per each price.
Our owner will have a portfolio to show
customer ref's, licensing, and BBB A+.
More info is at
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
Your Photos for Restoring
Scan photos at 250 dpi - Save as TIFF - Attach to Email.
We'll phone you immediately to give you a
written pricing.

You can pay by credit card via Paypal.
You'll get print(s) , Archival Gold CD.
We package photos
flat via US Mail.

This is a proven process, simple/fast.
Helpful scan Instructions at this link
Mail Both-Ways      
US Mail with Signature Receipt Tracks a Real Signature
We Reimburse Your US Mail
& Return Mail the Same Way
See more info at our
Mail Your Photo page

    Our Mailing Address:   
    PixSavers Photo
    14817 Whitman, Ste. #7
    Shoreline, WA 98133

    Not in Washington State?
    All States Mail Photos to us

List of Photo Formats
Complete Compiled List

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All Types of Photo Restoration Listed:
We specialize in antique tintype photographs for 1836-1917.  
We are good at all conventional photos made in 1918-2016.
All photos from 1 inch to 60 inches can be restored, printed.

Since 1999, we're described as meticulous and detailed.
Quality control is a
team inspection which evaluates each.

We preview your photos to give you a written, signed, pricing.
Photos are scanned, restored, printed, put on archival disc.
You get a FREE scan and a FREE first-print up to 8x10 size.
This way, you only pay for the work, and we save you money.

Antique Tintype Photos 1836 to 1917 Specialists
Our tintype restoration is a always a success.      
He can restore a tintype that has faded to ash.
Our restorer was first to restore tintype photos
and knows tintype composition and its history.
He can give a year it was taken in a  range.

He knows Daguerre's, Ambro-type, Ferro-type,
Cabinet Cards, charcoal mimeograph to oval.
Tintype History or Our Tintype Restorer.

Conventional Photos 1918 to 2018 Restored
Our photo artists have one-on-one photo restore tasks.
We color correct, lighten, sharpen, treat all types of spots,
marks, fade, scuffs, scratches, tears, fingerprints, cracks,
fingernail-dents, stains, frayed edges, things not wanted,
or things that you want removed, moved, partially removed.
Restores are monitored by our on-staff Software Engineer.
In the end, we give a digital negative on Archival Gold CD.

Damage on Conventional Photos
Faded, Age Spots, Scratches, Tears, Stain, Cracks, Rip(s),
Frayed Edge(s), Fingerprint(s),
are taken out  from a photo;
Fire & Water Damage Deserves a page of its own.
Getting Photos to us in 3 Ways:
Oval Convex Glass or Round Framed Pictures
Your antique convex oval was made
1887 to 1927.  They are a specialty.
We know how they were convexed
and we know the inside of its frame.
We can fix fade, or damaged image.
For more info call.  See
Oval Page  

Stuck to Glass  Stuck on Glass Page
Do not pull it off the glass as it will tear apart.
Keep it on the glass. Do not break the glass.
Be careful not to cut yourself from the glass.
These can completely strip away in pieces.
We have helped with a lot of these photos.
Don't damage the photo. Let us help with it.  
We have work-examples of this type of work.
Stuck on Glass photos.  

Dog-Chewed Photographs
We need all of its parts of the photo.
All Photos Team are Inspected for Quality
Our team-inspects to commercial grade.
We do more than any other photo restorer.
Our reputation as "the best" stays intact.
We even inspect the boss's photo sets.
We Fix All-Red or All-Green Color Fades
Some photos faded entirely to green or entirely to red.
Kodak had more red chemicals and Fuji had more green.
As a picture ages, colors will ooze from behind an image.

Fire, Water, Food, Damaged Photos
We Restore Fire and Water Damaged Photos
206-337-2020 Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
Merge or Erase Imaging, Wide Format to 60"
We can delete a person, re-size a person, and photo-parts.
We can move, copy, re-image, redraw or mouse-draw parts.
We can combine objects, change colors, switch body parts,
redraw eyes, nose, ears, legs, arms, or replace these parts
and a draw a round
ball, with a computer mouse.  
Only an
expert can draw a circle with a mouse.
All Photos will Pass
our Team Inspection