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Copyrights - Customers' Copyrights and PixSavers' Copyrights

Customer Rights to Own Their Own Original Photos
All PixSavers customers own their own originals, as PixSavers merely scans them and returns originals to owner(s).
PixSavers services is accompanied with an archival disc with photos which is a client photo negatives, photo disc.
All clients have rights to print their photos from this disc and as many photos as a clients wants to print on their own.
We only ask clients to copy photos to their computer hard drive before printing, to print from the hard drive for stability.

PixSavers Copyrights to own our own Photos whether printed or on Digital Discs
PixSavers reserves the right to own our own restored photos as we retain owner right to restoration work and finishes;
This is to prohibit other restorers or photo companies from copying our restored photos and re-working our own photos.
Other photo services, competing photo restorers, all other photo service bureaus are prohibited from working our photos.
No other company has our permission to work our client photos when the work is finished and delivered to our clients.   
Further, no customer has any rights nor our permission to take any photo work from PixSavers to another company.

All photo works by PixSavers is hereby copyrighted as PixSavers photos and photo works.  
Our customers own originals.
All PixSavers photo works copyrights shall include without question:  photos as printed and any other PixSavers material.
If a client wants more work done to the same photographs serviced by PixSavers, a customer must return to PixSavers.
PixSavers guarantees the work and if a PixSavers customer has a complaint, PixSavers shall resolve the photo problem.   
All photos we produce, produced by camera, restored, printed, and all graphics by PixSavers are PixSavers copyrighted.
Whether a photograph is signed, stamped, dated, numbered, PixSavers photo works, it is copyrighted photo material(s).  
Even if PixSavers has forgetfully, not signed or stamped its photo works, PixSavers retains its photo works copyrights.

Website Page Content Copyright
All words, art pictures, photographs, art graphics and any other displayed content are published copyright material.
Website content of before and after photo displays have customer permission to display, as authored by PixSavers.
Any material seen on PixSavers cannot be reproduced, published, distributed, modified, performed or broadcast
without expressed permission of its author/customer and PixSavers, even if its author or Site is noted elsewhere.

Customer Written Permission for PixSavers to Display Photos on Website and in Portfolio
All displayed photographs have written and signed permission from customers for their photograph to be displayed.
Permissions or commonly written notifications are written and signed and kept with the customer order in our files.
As such PixSavers hereby adheres to our privacy policy statement that authors of those photos shall never be given.  
According to
customer privacy, PixSavers administration and staff may have access our photo display authors on file.

Concerning Customer Photographs in PixSavers' Portfolio Photo Display Pages
We have client photographs in our portfolio to show, with written customer permissions, only to show in our portfolio.  
It is a rare that a customer may ask to see our customer photo portfolio, some are same as online, and some are not.
We will never allow photos in our portfolio be copied at anytime, for anyone.  Security for photos is a serious subject.  

Customer Reference Letters Shown in PixSavers' Portfolio Display Pages
In portfolio, names from email letters are secured as sent for reference or thank you letters are displayed in portfolio.
We try to keep confidential, all names from email letter authors unless a customer signs or initials for material seen.  

After Delivery, customers cannot take their photos to another restorer for photo works
All photo products under PixSavers is copyrighted, cannot be taken to another restorer.  Any other restorer that utilizes our
products, whether photos or digital disc is in violation of tampering with a competitors product.  The likeliness of PixSavers
sharing our work with another company will not happen.   Likewise, we will not accept another company's photo works.

Copyright for the Name PixSavers! - PIXSAVERS! Is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO
"PixSavers" is a trademark as registered with the United States Patent/Trademark Office for America (USPTO).
A trademark is protected by copyright trademark as stated in the United States Patent/Trademark Office (USPTO).
"PIXSAVERS" cannot be used, misused, printed, displayed, on another website, on another business, in form(s), for
advertising, for business, without written permission from the owner of PixSavers, Steve Lehman, any time, any reason,
if a person or company violates this rule of law, for any purpose, for any such stupidity, that person/company will be sued.
The name cannot be utilized or used for any business purpose, nor any person, other than for business reference, review.
Further: no partial of its spelling, respelling, abreviation of this name, can ever be utilized without permission from owner,
Steve Lehman of PixSavers located in Seattle, Washington.  

For questions, send email to admin@pixsavers.com or call 206-337-2020.
to owner Steve Lehman of PixSavers.  You call us toll-free at 888-546-2384.
Revisions to this page are posted yearly;  Last revised on March 16, 2018.