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  • FREE Archival Gold for PC & Mac
  • On-the-Fly-Fixes:  Fade, Color, Tint,
  • Loose Stacks in Different Sizes okay;

  • Small, Medium, Large Format to 60 inch
  • Dual-Lens Scan & No-Jam 17" Flat-Scan
  • All Hi-Res 300-TIFF's Enlargement-Ready

  • 35mm Strips, Slides: 110, 126, 127, 135,
  • Scratchless-Slides, 3000 Res, Fluid, ICE,
  • 4X5 OR 8x10 Negs, OR Brownie process

    Photos on Disc:
  • Encoded for Windows and Mac Compatibility
  • Stacks, Albums, Scrapbooks; 1" to 60" Sizes
  • Faded B&W, Color are Auto-Fixed or Balanced
  • Tilted Photos are Straightened for Best Prints
  • Saved in Hi-Res 300 TIFF for Printing to 11X17
    Photos are engineered for lasting shows, prints

    Slides on Disc:  
  • Encoded for Windows and Mac Compatibility
  • Stacks, Slide-Magazines, Projector Carousels
  • Faded B&W, Color are Auto-Fixed or Balanced
  • Saved in Hi-Res 1000 JPEG Slide Show Ready
  • Pencil Slides with "Front" for a Correct Scan
  • Slide-Metal: Slide Removed, Scan and Return
  • In Carousel: Slide Removed, scan and Return
  • Add .25¢ to Remove/Return; If not, no charge
    We cannot utilize your slide holder, equipment;
    Slides are engineered for lasting shows, prints

    CD & DVD Capacities

    Photo Capacities on Disc
  • 100 photos per CD --- 300dpi TIFF best for prints
  • 300 photos per CD --- 72dpi JPEG not for editing
  • 600 photos per DVD - 300dpi TIFF best for prints
  • 900 photos per DVD - 72dpi JPEG not for editing

    Slide Capacities on Discs
  • 1000 Slides per CD    1000dpi Res, JPG slide shjow
  • 4000 Slides per DVD 1000dpi Res. JPG slide show
Top 5 Reasons You Should Archive Your Photos

Photo Albums
Avoid "sticky" plastic photo albums earlier than year, 2002.
While plastic is coated, its glue makes a horrible damage.
We get the most damaged photos from these old albums.

Plastic in Albums
Most plastics is chemical coated but not safe for photos.
Coated wood or plastic give off gases, creating damage.
Archive photo albums before it's too late.  Get 'em done.

Picture Frames
The only glue here, should be behind it, on the rear frame-sheet.  
More than 15 years ago picture framers used dangerous glues for
gluing a sheet of paper on the back for a frame's moisture barrier.
It will damage your photos in time, at first they fade, and then gone.  
These photographs
will disappear without a hint of its damages.  
Archive them now so you future generations will have them again.     

(Damaged) Photos on a non-insulated outside wall
Photos on non-insulated outside walls get humidity, moisture, seepage..
Glass in a frame is like having an atrium, moisture makes photos sticky.  
A stuck photo on a picture frame-glass is doom to a photo, it tears away.
IF a photo is stuck to the glass in a frame, do
NOT pull away the photo.
The photo will
NOT come off.  It will tear into thin threads and pieces.

(Damaged) Photos Near Windows Collect Moisture
Don't hang photos near window. Tinted glass promotes humidity.
Moisture will get into a cheap tinting material as it peels off glass.
If pictures are hung in a kitchen, remove the glass from the frame.
Heat from a heated burner or stove top spells doom to your photo.  
Watercolor or oil paintings don't have glass as a rule. Paint melts.
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