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Chronological PixSavers' Events:  
In 1999 PixSavers began as
Photo Savers as licensed.  In 2005 it was changed and licensed as PixSavers.
In 2002 PixSavers established a lab format for photo restoring, archiving, photography, an all-digital photo lab.
In 2005 PixSavers invented a lower pricing standard as was accepted by the entire photo restoration industry.
In 2005 PixSavers hired 4 more photo technicians who originated the title '
Photo Artists' describing their work.
In 2008 PixSavers signed up with the Better Business Bureau and accredited us with an A+ rating in their file.  
In 2010-11 PixSavers reduced pricing then made it a standard price, but was
too low for other local restorers.  
In 2011 competitors reduced pricing to meet our pricing but later raised pricing to compete.  We stayed low.
Brain Tree
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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About PixSavers

No other photo restorer offers so much, for so little, as we offer the best photo restoration and photo services.  
As photo artists, our meticulous keen eye is on detail, well-versed, always better than others, at a
lower price.
PixSavers is the greatest source for photo restoration, expert photo technicians and we have only the best.

With restoration, a p
hoto artist is like a conceptual artist - its not about abstracts - its about recovering photos.
Imagine your photo, dull, damaged.  Making changes can renew a photo to brilliance, impressing your family.
A photo-artist works with photo damage to its finish, retaining its original aspect to get back photo excellence.

Beginning in 1999
we were first to restore 1836-1917 tintype photos.  Others thought old photos were, too old.
Our tintype photo restorer is an expert-historian who can give an approximate year of an antique tintype photo.  
We handle photos with care - as if they were our own.  You'll get back photographs in the same way you saw.
We restore photos for legacy, if its for an ancestor, or for a high-res genealogy copy, we'll retain your original.

PixSavers established new, low pricing standards, becoming an industry leader, as other restorers followed.
For a few years we lead our industry in pricing while PixSavers marketed strongly, directly, persistently tough.  
We lowered pricing 40% with persistence,
only to keep pricing low as other restorers nationwide kept in step.

We don't increase pricing for having a Microsoft engineer on-staff who teaches technology to our photo artists.
Our owner, Steve Lehman is a former Microsoft engineer turned photo artist and tintype photo expert, historian.  
PixSavers photo artists are
the best as their technique comes from software engineer training on the software.

Aside from restoring, we'll archive your entire photo collection. It's best to rescue your photos before it's too late.  
will fade if photos are kept in damp areas, dusty shoe boxes, in plastic sticky-albums. They will fade away.
We'll take good care of your photos, preserve your legacy, as we digitize them on archival discs for future family.   

PixSavers' Mission Statement
Measured in positive reviews, PixSavers wants to maintain its status as a national photographic industry leader.
PixSavers leads in service excellence by anticipating, listening well, and by responding to a client photo request.  
We are committed to advancement, production, support, photo artists and their extensive training.
We'll increase our knowledge to increase our practice. Experiences are sustained for every level.  
According to plan, our goal is to broaden our services in an effort that will propel us into our future.

About PixSavers' Colorful Logo
Made by our own graphic artist, our logo is a continuous color wheel movement, built into layers.
Colors are drawn with precision to an exact dimension of length, width, exactness, layers in size.
What appears to be a rainbow is a color wheel which illustrates photo artistic imaging processes.
On the right is an example of how photo art and graphics are made in layers to a flattened object.
Each layer is stacked, dissected, manipulated, utilized, reassembled, blended, flattened, saved.
This same layering process is what we utilize in our digital photo restoration process to a finish.    
Our logo layers of a color wheel is an example of a photo restore processing in layers.  
Art students say they have copied our logo to create their own logo for their clients.  

No "Magic Buttons" in Software
Our professionals don't use magic buttons in software, as we restore photo with work.
Professional digital tools are manual.  Art tools as "magic" produces more problems.    
The magic is
in the photo artist in tedious creative movements, consistent intelligence.
Artistically, we use real art tools. Digitally, our art tools work the same as manual tools.
All photos are planned, worked through, team-inspected, re-worked, inspected again.
When a photo artist finishes, satisfaction abounds, like Van Gogh artistry.   

Our Conceptual Advertising
Our own advertising and our sense of humor is the best ingredient for ads.
Humor is his most successful advertising addition in an investment in ROI.
When creating an ad, we focus on remembrance with a brand recognition.
We created our 'Want Talent' ads that ran 2005 to 2010 with huge success.
As a result, our brand is big locally and well known nationwide.  
We can do this for you.   Call us today for Web and ad graphics.  

Founders Background
Personal:  Steve Lehman married, divorced and remarried for 33+ years, with one son in previous marriage
who was an Honor Roll high school student who made his career in the US Navy, a Persian Gulf War veteran.  
Steve's hobby was radio electronics, as he passed for a FCC Class-E license and is an electronics engineer.
Later, Steve became a software engineer by virtue 4 years at his University, a degree, and MCSE certifications.

Steve began his career with a major newspaper at 16, and by 21 was promoted to 3 levels of management.
Then he went into business as a home improvement general contractor working his business for 12 years.  
Also, he opened another business, a service that matched CPA's with small and medium sized business.
He created ad graphics, managed business, and held a nice profit.  He sold both companies successfully.
It was apparent that Steve was destined for business management almost everywhere he could be hired.

Steve was hired to a 'real job' as Vice President of an advertising firm, working his own advertising graphics.
His prerequisites were knowledge of business, advertising, manage a staff, and have a good sense of humor.
Steve swapped his company ads, with a cruise service ad, so he could take his staff of 43 on a dinner cruise.  
He had his staff wear formals plus cowboy boots.  Employees had fun with a 40+ prom-like dance cruise party.  
Steve reimbursed staff for formal rentals and boots, and paid employee bonuses for the night.   

In 1989, he used his electronics engineer  license to qualify for Technology at the University.  
He earned a 4 year degree in Technology and his MCSE software engineering certification.  

Steve worked at Microsoft as a software engineer, testing image editor software and its code.  
He quit Microsoft in 1999 to be an independent businessman again, and to begin PixSavers.  
Microsoft employed him for 10 years.  PixSavers employed him for 20+ years, as an owner.   
Steve Lehman is a conceptual artist dedicated to Photo Art in photo Restoring at PixSavers.  

PixSavers' Framework
In 1999 Steve first began his company as Photo Savers but later changed it to PixSavers for taxation purpose.
All names are licensed: PixSavers as its main incorporated with Photo Savers and Seattle Photo Restoration.  

Steve Lehman founded PixSavers to establish efficiency in the professional photographic restoration industry.
As a software engineer, he combined his technology experience and conceptual art to work with Photo Artistry.

When PixSavers began, its local competitors had unparalleled pricing, lacked knowledge, had ironic reviews.  
Although our competitors could round-out the industry, the industry was losing capacity, slowing acceleration.  
Those who 'faked' their business, closed.  Some retired or quit. Those wanting more knowledge, remained.  

To re-establish the industry, Steve created a new consistent price standard, which restorers adopted nationally.
PixSavers attracted clients by marketing restoration examples and software engineering.  We lead the industry.

PixSavers' first advertising campaign was like a lightening bolt, as competitor's said they felt their ground shake.
After stunning the country, photo restoration was now known for our "photo artists" as more restorers adapted to.   
We advertise in nationwide recognition as 45% of our clients come from every State counting Alaska and Hawaii.

Our popularity came from being known as the restorer who can restore
any photo damage, always ready to help.  
PixSavers' marketing focuses on clients who want 20+ years in business and the
very best of photo restoration.  
Our future will be written as the small company who grew into a much larger company from its photo excellence.  
Steve Lehman
206-337-2020 Seattle   
888-546-2484 Toll-Free
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA